A Game for the Future- Part 2.

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If the title isn’t enough, this is the continuation of ‘A Game for the Future’. It picks up from that and at the end of this story, will come to the point where you make the decision of a lifetime for our protagonist. Anyway, thanks for reading and enjoy.

“Mr Bhatia? Have you decided?”

The Game Master was anxious to see what Rahul would choose. This was fun for him. Or was it? From time to time, he did wonder about life outside of the game. It seems as though he has never left this stage. But he finally has a chance and he will not let it go to waste. He grows impatient.

“Mr Bhattiiaaaaaaa??? Are you awaakkkeee?? CHOOSE FAST!”

That sound of the gun again.

“Ok, ok. I’m sorry. I have decided.”

“Oooooooooooo. Finally. Which of these do you choose, Mr Bhatia?”

Rahul points to the third briefcase from the left. The Game Master hops to his feet and starts to dance towards the briefcase.

“Are you sure, Mr Bhatia?

Rahul ponders for a bit, thinking of what could be under that suitcase.

“No. I choose this one.”

Rahul points to the other side of the suitcases, choosing the last one there. He thought, “How could it get worse?”

The Game Master was ecstatic and excited. He kept giggling like a little girl, hopping from one foot to the other.

“Ah, I see. Shall I lock this one in, Mr Bhatia?”

“Uhhhh…yes. That’s the one.”

Unsure of his decision, Rahul nods at the Game Master to open it.

click. click. The latches opened. Rahul thought it sounded like nails for a coffin, slowly leading to his eventual death. The Game Master opens the briefcase and wickedly smiles.

“Oh ho ho ho ohh. You have chosen a good one, Mr Bhatia. Would you like to see?”

“Yeah. What’s in it?”

The Game Master turns around the briefcase. Inside was a gun. A revolver, to be precise and a singular bullet next to it. Rahul was in shock. He was unable to process what was in front of him.

“Wha- what is this? What the hell is this?!”

“Oh, I thought you knew, Mr Bhatia. This here is a gun. A gun with a singular bullet and now, I present you with a choice, Mr Bhatia.”

Suddenly, a large sound started to emerge from under the stage and the stage began to split apart. From under came two posts with a person tied to each. Bags were covering their faces and they were wearing suits. The 2 people were struggling to get out of the rope but were unable to do so.

Rahul was in shock. He began to get an idea of what he was supposed to do. He turned to the Game Master. The Game Master was smiling from eye to eye. He seemed like he was having the time of his life.

“NO! I won’t kill someone! I’ve never even held a gun before!”

“Oh no, Mr Bhatia. You misunderstand. You aren’t killing anyone. I have provided you with this gun to decide which person goes free. Simply shoot at their feet and I shall let them free.”

“I don- don’t need to shoot them?”

“No, Mr Bhatia. How do you not remember this? We have played this before.”

“What do you mean by that? I still don’t understand.”

“Never mind that. Choose, Mr Bhatia. Choose.”

The Game Master loads the bullet into the gun, cocks it and hands it to Rahul. Rahul slowly goes to take the gun when he feels something poke his head. Rahul then realizes that the guard is pointing the shotgun at him.

“No sudden moves, Mr Bhatia. It won’t be good for you.”

Rahul nods and again reaches for the gun. The cold metal feels oddly normal in his hands. “Have I really been in this situation before?”, thought Rahul.

“Now, Mr Bhatia. Who will you save?”

Rahul thinks for a bit, wondering who the people are. He slowly raises the gun and points it at the person he believes should be saved.

Rahul wakes up in his bed, his brow covered in sweat. That felt so real. Was it real? He couldn’t wrap his head around it. Peeking at his clock, he decides to get up.

Having made breakfast and his much-needed cup of coffee, Rahul sits down to scroll through his mail on his computer. “Great, just more work and nothing else. Man, fuck this.”, he thought. Rahul had just begun to do his work when he got a call.


Rahul wondered who it was but also felt like he knew.


“RAHHUUUULLLLL!!!! Wait, how did you know it was me? Have you already met Maya?”

“No, I haven’t? I don’t know. Yes, I know that it’s my birthday today and no, I don’t have anything planned for today.”

“Damn, Rahul. Your brotherly senses are something else today.”

“No… It just feels as though we have had this conversation before… Ah, just ignore me.”

“Oh ok then. Anyway, here. Talk to Maya.”

“Ok sure. Hey Maya. Before you ask as well. I really don’t have anything planned. I have a lot of work and my friends are probably busy too.”

Maya begins to giggle maniacally. Rahul feels confused.

“Have you not figured it out yet? Doesn’t this feel familiar?”

“What? How the hell do you know?”

“Oh come on, Rahul. I didn’t think that you were this stupid.”

“The fuck do you mean, Maya?!”

“The Game Master waits, Rahul. He’s waiting for your answer.”

“What? He’s real?”

“Oh, Rahul. You really have no idea, do you? Don’t worry, you’ll understand soon enough. For now, go fall asleep and give The Game Master his answer.”

The call drops.


Rahul paced around in his room. He didn’t know where Divya was and had no other way of contacting her. Her phone was switched off.

“Fucking goddamn it, Divya.”

Rahul didn’t know what else to do. He thought of leaving his house and trying to find her. But, he knew that would just waste his time. He had to sleep.



Rahul walks onto the stage once again. He wasn’t sure what to do. He had two choices. What those choices would lead to, he did not know. But if it could lead to Divya safe, he must take it.

“Should I play or should I try to get out of here?”

Thanks for reading.

This is the end of the second part. After this comes the choice that you shall decide. I will post up the endings soon. This has been a blast writing and I will make more stories. Hopefully, ones that keep improving. Again, thank you so much for reading. Tell me how you feel about the story so far and if there is anything I could do better.


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