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I never knew this word existed. The reason why I have it as my title is its meaning. It means ‘the warmth of the sun in winter.’ Such a unique word for a feeling that makes us feel safe and fuzzy. Something that everyone has felt or feels. That warmth is something we yearn for in this cold, cruel world. I saw this word in a reel and it was used as a compliment for someone you care about.

DAMN, that would be amazing to hear. Such a beautiful way to declare how you feel about the other. “You’re my apricity.” I’m sure y’all can come up with better lines with that. But still, knowing that and hearing that would bring butterflies in your stomach.

This world belongs to people willing to make the most of it. That is all of us. Every single one of us. We deserve such love. We deserve the best of it all. Sure, there will be people you or I may not like but someone will. I hope they have what they can with each other.

Yes, I know I sound fucking sad as hell but honestly, so many people I know look like they’re in love and as much as I want that, I feel happy for them. So, I write this for them. Whether they ever see this or not, I hope and wish each and every one of y’all to be happy with your apricity. Because you deserve it after all the hardships and everything.

For those who are like me, all I can say is…..

Don’t worry. Your apricity is on their way. They will light up your world like no other and give you that warm fuzzy feeling. Trust me, I know. Till then, don’t give up.

I sound like a preacher, don’t I?

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