I hate how much I love you.

Vansh Jain
2 min readNov 12, 2022

A friend of mine told me that it’s so hard to get over someone you love but they didn’t know about it. You try as hard as you can but that person is just always on your mind, all because that person changed you for the better.

You turn everywhere to find someone new but no one lives up to that one person. No one. Can you imagine how painful that is? Sure, you can tell that person how you feel but most times, you’re just afraid. You’re so scared of ruining everything.

So, you go down the dark road.

You try to get over that person. You begin to look away. But can you? Is it really so simple?

I look across the sea of people to find you.

Looking far and wide to find that one person.

Who I love.

But I couldn’t find you.

I couldn’t live like this.

I’d rather die than not see you.

Yes, that was a very random thing but it describes an idea of how you feel about that person. That level of love. I wonder how many of you have felt this. The truth is this. No matter who you are, you still have this fear of ruining things. You may deny it, but I don’t think you’ve reached that state of love then.

It’s such an interesting thing, love. It comes like a truck and leaves you completely broken. It comes like a cliff edge and you fall in. You never see it coming, never expect it but it comes nevertheless. How nice…. and painful.

What is love?

It’s just something we fools rush in.

There’s always the first look, the first conversation, the first smile, the first hug that pulls us in. Pulls us and rips our emotions apart.

That fear…. Ahahahahahhahahahahaahahaa….. Damn that fear.



Vansh Jain

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