The Future.

Vansh Jain
2 min readJun 21, 2022

I am at a phase in life where it feels as though a tectonic shift is about to occur and it isn’t just me. Almost everyone I know understands this. A lot of things are happening at once and it may seem as though you aren’t prepared to face them. I agree but to a certain extent.

You will be able to handle most things on your own, but for some, you will need help. We aren’t made to be alone, not at all times. No matter who you think you are, for certain things, you will need help.

“Always in motion, the future is,” — Yoda.

Yes, I am on a bit of a Star Wars roll right now but this line applies to real-life a lot more than you think. In reality, we have no idea what the future has in store for us. It changes with each decision you make, good or bad. There is no set path for everything. You only have an idea or a dream for what it could be. No one is there to help you through such decisions. You get advice and suggestions but in the end, you make the decision.

The future holds everything for us, it’s up to us to reach for it and make the most of our lives. All of us have the chance to become the best person we could be, no matter what we do in the future with our lives and if not, make sure YOU take steps to change that. Don’t stay in that rut. Trust me, it isn’t a good place. That rut of self-hatred and isolation. The second you start to think that you cannot do anything is when you begin to go down the wrong end of the path.

You got this. In whatever you do in the future or now. You got this.

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