The New Year.

Vansh Jain
2 min readJan 3, 2023

Ahhhhh, finally. It’s arrived. 2023. Why am I even writing about this specific year so randomly? Never mind that. SO!

New year. New year. New. Year. N. E. W. Y. E. A. R.

OH WAIT, I never introduced myself. Hey, I’m… uh….. uhhhh. Ummm….. who- who am I? Never mind that. SOO!

It is a new year. A new 365 days to live through. Well, 363 days now and counting. Damn, I really need to learn how to write better. How does Vansh do this so easily?

OH, YOU’RE CONFUSED. Sorry, sorry. Vansh isn’t here right now. He’s… how shall we say this? Occupied. Never mind that. SOO!

The new year’s here, the new year’s here, the new year’s here, the new year’s here, the new year’s here, the new year, the new year, new year, new year, new year, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new, new. FUCK! HE’S DEAD!

I need to go back. The game is calling for me. I need to go back. I need to become him again. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him. Him.


Vansh, Vansh, Vansh, Vansh, Vansh needs to write this. He needs to be here for this. Don’t worry, he’ll be here. He should be. I left him safe, didn’t I?

I have to go back. I have to do it all again. I have to do the experiments. I have to do it for the future.

The game for the future.

I have to become The Game Master again.


The Game is coming back.

Yes, I know how weird and trippy this is. I tried a new thing like this being a ‘teaser’ of sorts for the sequel to ‘A Game for the Future.’ I had a shite ton of ideas running through my head and I didn’t want to leave them there.

So, here’s to the sequel. The original story is still pinned to my profile. If you’re interested then go ahead and read that. Share it around and get it going! Thanks.



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